Ford to retool its U.S. plants to produce European models

According to The Wall Street Journal , FoMoCo is working up plans to retool its U.S. plants to produce more small, fuel-efficient cars that it sells in Europe. The report said that Ford is serious about bringing its European models over to the U.S. to help increase sales as it struggles with decreasing sales of SUVs and pickups.

Ford is expected to make an official announcement on the matter later this week when it reports its 2nd quarter results.

The Wall Street Journal also said that FoMoCo will bring the Mondeo over to the U.S. We reported earlier last week that amongst the Mondeo, Ford will also bring the Focus, Kuga, C-Max along with the U.S. based Fiesta to the stateside by 2012.

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)