Trump giving away free electric Smart Cars

Hoping to win over some ‘green’ press and support of some green-happy golf players, Donald Trump is offering a free electric-powered Smart Car with a purchase of one of his 500 planned units at his new £1 billion golf resort. Trump is said to be working out a deal with a distributor to secure a fleet of electric-powered Smarts to give away with a purchase of one of his 500 planned properties are near Balmedie, Aberdeenshire.

The Smart electric give away could also become a part of his 950 holiday homes that is planned at the Menie Estate outside of Aberdeen.

The electric Smart cars have a top speed of 70mph and hit 0-30mph in less than 7 seconds.

It was recently reported that the Metropolitan Police received a 100 electric Smart EDs , which are capable of traveling 70 miles between charged.

Source: Scotish Today (via AutoblogGreen )