Top Gear fans must wait 21 years to hang with Clarkson in the studios

So you’re a huge fan of the BBC’s Top Gear and plan on taking a trip to the show on your next visit to the UK. Not so fast. According to AutoTrader UK , fans will have to wait an outstanding 21 years for a spot to hang out in the audience with Clarkson, Hammond and May.

More than 336,000 people have requested to watch the trio live at Top Gear studios – that means a line stretching over 127 miles. Some crazy fans have even put down their new-born child’s name on the waiting list. Imagine getting that as gift on your 21st birthday!

We highly doubt Clarkson will be around 21 years from now – Hammond will probably fill Clarkson’s place and May – well May will probably just get more mundane as he ages.

Hey, there’s always NBC upcoming Top Gear which will probably much easier to get on.

Thanks for the tip Don!

Source: AutoTrader