SSC going super-green: Working on the fastest electric-car in the world

SSC already owns the Guinness World Record for the fastest car in world with its Ultimate Aero hitting a top speed of 257mph. Well they are now working on new milestone with the Ultimate Aero EV. That’s right – SSC is working on a electric version of the Ultimate Aero with a main goal to built the world’s fastest green supercar.

The drive train for the Ultimate Aero EV is still under development. Power is expected to come from a 500-hp electric motor – but SSC is also exploring the idea of adding twin 500-hp electric motors for a total of 1,000-hp in a 2 or 4-wheel-drive configuration.

Engineering details are yet to be released but SSC says they hope to have the first prototype ready by February 2009.

We just hope it gets more than 1 mile per charge.

SSC Ultimate Aero :

Source: SSC