Ferrari owners get a Fiat 500 as a loaner

Those ultra-rich Ferrari owners also have to make the occasional trip to the dealer to get their stallion services. Instead of giving them another gas-guzzling Ferrari, Fiat has built 200 special-edition Ferrari 500 models as loaner cars for those requiring service.

The little Fiat 500s have a little touch of Ferrari in them with a bright red paintjob, premium sound system, electric sunroof, auto climate control, sports steering wheel and 16-inch aluminum wheels. Power comes from a 1.4L engine that produces 100-hp giving off some aggressive sound via a slight tune in the exhaust.

Don’t get to excited guys – these little Ferrari Fiat 500s will only be available to the Ferrari sales network in Europe. Not a bad way for Ferrari to show it cares for the environment.

Source: InsideLine