2010 BMW M3 CSL to get 470-hp, top speed of 186mph

BMW is working on the next-generation BMW M3 CSL which will arrive with the updated 2010 M3 model year. Like its predecessor, the new M3 CSL will drop all the standard equipment to lose weight. So that means no radio, no navigation system and no air-conditioning.

BMW will also drop a lot of weight with the extensive use of carbon fiber in the front apron, hood, roof, side panels and rear bumper. Like the old CSL the luggage compartment will be made of extremely lightweight cardboard.

Of course, you’re all wondering what’s going to be under the hood. According to AutoZeitung , power will come from the same 420-hp 4.0L V8 engine of the standard M3. However, the ‘M’ division will make some mechanical changes to extract an additional 50 horses for a total of 470-hp. 0-60 is expected to come in well under the 4.5 seconds of the standard M3 with top speed rumored to be around 185mph.

The 2010 BMW M3 CSL is expected to make its debut at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show with sales to kick-off in the beginning of 2010. BMW will make only 100 units of the M3 CSL with pricing estimated at less than 90,000 euros ($143,176).

Source: AutoZeitung