Toyota cancels plans for next-generation Lexus SC and Avalon

Toyota has reportedly canceled plans for the next-generation Lexus SC and may even cancel plans for the replacement of the Toyota Avalon. According to InsideLine sources, the SC has always been a sluggish model for Lexus.

During the first 6 months of 2008, Lexus only sold 1,230 SC models, down more than 40 percent from the same period an year ago. Toyota was working on the next-generation SC which would have been based on the rear-wheel-drive platform from the upcoming Lexus LF-A. It was originally supposed to show up in early 2009 then was pushed to mid-2011. According to insiders, Toyota has now canceled the plan altogether.

The successor to the Camry is also in the works, but Toyota is considering to cancel plans for the replacement of the Avalon which is based on the Camry. Insiders say that Toyota may instead produce a longer-wheelbase Camry for North America and the Middle East. The next-generation Camry will go into production in mid-2011.

Source: InsideLine