Video: Bow Wow rents luxury cars for MTV Cribs episode

Our favorite part during an episode of MTV Cribs is when celeberties show off their ‘whips’ (otherwise known as cars). Being huge car enthusiasts we feel jealous, envious and angered when we see 21-year olds showing off Bentleys, Lamborghinis and Caddys. But not so much when we find out they were rented from a local luxury car rental company.

While blogging today, we had MTV cribs running in the background and watched 21-year old Bow Wow show off his bachelor pad in Miami along with his ‘pimped-out’ Bentley, Lamborghini and Cadillac Escalade with huge ‘shoes.’

But then we noticed the word PRESTIGE at the bottom of all three cars and decided to Google ‘prestige rental cars miami’ and what do you know – there it was – PRESTIGE Luxury Auto Rentals in Miami.

Don’t worry Bow Wow – you’re not alone. 50 Cent pulled of the same stunt last season.

Click through for the video.