Penny Pinchers: Londoners grab pennies from 20-foot Chevrolet billboard

Londoners today grabbed pocketfuls of pennies today from the world’s first 20-foot billboard made entirely from once-pence coins. The GM billboard made to generate buzz around the new Chevrolet Aveo was created using 20,000 pennies (close to $4,000) and lasted less than 30 minutes as money hungry Londoners fought to grab a penny here and there.

“We”re glad we”ve topped up lots of people”s wallets, purses and, in some cases rucksacks, but it would have been nice for the billboard to last a little longer than 30 minutes,” said Chevrolet’s marketing manager, Les Turton.

The new 2009 Chevrolet Aveo is available to order now in the UK starting at 769,500-pence or £7695. Chevrolet is probably hoping some of those pennies will come back to them – but we highly doubt it.