Another Toyota employee dies of overwork

The Japanese labor bureau has ruled today that one of Toyota’s top engineers died from being overworked. The 45-year old Toyota Camry engineer worked nights and weekends and frequently traveled abroad as he was preparing for the launch and shipping of the Camry. In January 2006, before the new Camry’s debut, the engineer’s body was found by his daughter the day before he was to leave to the U.S. for the 2006 Detroit Auto Show.

According to Mikio Mizuno, the lawyer representing the family of the engineer, said that he worked more than 80 hours of overtime per month. An official at Aichi Labor Bureau confirmed the ruling that will allow his family to collect benefits from his work insurance.

Toyota issued a statement offering its condolences and said it would work harder to improve the monitoring of its workers.

Back in November 2007 wife of Toyota employee Kenichi Uchino received compensation after he collapsed and died at work in February of 2002.


Source: Yahoo