700-hp Lightning GT EV to make world debut at London

UK’s Lightning Car Company will hold the world debut of their Lightning GT EV at the London Motor Show on July 23rd. The Lightning GT has no engine and runs only on an electric motor powered by an advanced battery technology called NanoSafe.

Producing 700 horsepower, the Hi-Pa Drive electric powertrain is mated with nano titanate battery packs that produce 36kW of power. The batteries in turn power four magnet brushless motors that produces 120kW for each wheel enabling independent traction control and regenerative braking. That gives the Lightning GT a range of 250 miles with only 10 minutes of charging and high-performance with a 0-60 time of 4 seconds and a top speed of 130mph.

The Lightning GT is available with AC, a tyre pressure monitoring system, a navigation system, full leather trim and a mobile charging system. Pricing details have yet to be announced by Lightning Car Company is taking £15,000 deposits for those interested in pre-ordering one for their driveway.

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Lightning GT EV: