GM shrinks Volt’s gas tank, 600 miles no longer possible

One of the many things GM flaunted when it unveiled the Chevrolet Volt Concept was that after the lithium-ion battery pack completes its 40 mile range, the Volt would be capable of an extra 600 mile range on 12 gallons of gasoline.

According to KickingTires, GM has shrunk the capacity of the plug-in electric Volt to hold less than 12-gallons – cutting down the car’s 600 mile range. GM is not saying exactly how many gallons have been reduced, but the target is now to travel 360 miles.

GM is saying that since the average driver travels less than 40 miles or less each day, there was no need to have added weight to the Volt with a 12-gallon gas tank.

It was reported yesterday that GM is planning to unveil the Volt in September of 2008 to improve the company’s image. The Chevrolet Volt is expected to arrive in showrooms by November 2010.


Source: KickingTires