BMW 7-Series Hybrid to get V8 and lithium-ion batteries

BMW’s CEO Norbert Reithofer has previously said the fifth-generation BMW 7-Series will be offered as a hybrid in 2009. More details have now emerged in light of the 2009 BMW 7-Series debut. Unfortunately, according to the latest findings by CAR, don’t expect the 2009 7-Series hybrid to be cheap or all that fuel-efficient.

Power will come from the 4.4L V8 petrol-electric hybrid engine powered by lithium-ion batteries. According to CAR, the fuel-economy of the 2009 7-Series V8 hybrid won’t match the outstanding 33mpg of the new 2009 diesel-powered 730d. Not to mention it won’t be cheap. Expect to pay a lot more than the twin-turbo 400-hp 750i that goes on sale this November. So why even make an expensive 7-series hybrid that won’t be as efficient as the diesel?

According to Dr. Klaus Draeger, BMW board member responsible for R&D and project leader for the new 7-Series, “Some customers really want a V8 with very good fuel economy.”

Well it seems the Mercedes-Benz S400 BlueTec Hybrid will hold the lead with 44mpg. Both, the Mercedes-Benz S4000 BlueTec Hybrid and the BMW 7-Series hybrid will go head-to-head with the Lexus LS 600h.


2009 BMW 7-Series:



Source: CAR