$3.14 million gets you your own custom Ferrari

According to EVO magazine, Ferrari will build you your own custom “one-off” car just as long you’re willing to cash out a whole lot of green for it. And no, this isn’t the One-to-One Scaglietti personalisation program where customers can choose the color and accessories which is also planed for future Ferrari models.

Ferrari is willing to built you your own custom series as long as you don’t ask them to build you an SUV, station wagon or sedans. Not to mention, your own custom model will have to use an existing Ferrari chassis, engine, airbags and other components.

So how much will you have to pay for your own custom-made Ferrari? $3.14 million. That’s a lot of money – however you’ll be given the bragging rights to own your own custom-made Ferrari and a guaranteed resale value at Barrett Jackson. You can basically get Ferrari to build you something like Ugur Sahin’s Passionata concept which is based on the Ferrari 599 Fiorano. Or you can always get some private coach builder to build you a new body for your Ferrari for much cheaper.


Source: EuroCarBlog (via Jalopnik)