Saleen celebrates with 720-hp SMS 25th Anniversary Mustang Concept

Steve Saleen is celebrating his 25 years in the automotive business with the introduction of the new SMS 25th Anniversary Mustang Concept. As an entrepreneur, retirement is not a word in Saleen’s vocabulary. And while he is no longer head of Saleen, Steve Saleen is back with his new company – SMS.

To mark the debut Saleen is unveiling this 720-hp 25th Anniversary Mustang Concept. Power comes from a supercharged 5.0 liter V8 producing 720-hp with a peak torque of 670 lb-ft. While 0-60 numbers or top speed has yet to be released, don’t expect anything less than impressive for this concept. Performance is further enhanced by SMS Cross Drilled 15″ 6-piston front brakes and a new SMS Billet Aluminum Watts Link System.

“My Anniversary cars were always the most powerful of the breed and this car continues that tradition,” said¬†Saleen.

The 25th Mustang anniversary is just a concept right now, but knowing Saleen’s track record you can expect a street-legal version shortly.


Source: TCC