GM planning Sept. reveal for Chevy Volt, will show it off in Transformers 2

Seems like everyone at GM is running around to save the company’s image. According to Reuters, GM is rushing to unveil a production and showroom ready version of the much anticipated Chevrolet Volt by this September. According to sources familiar with the project, GM is counting on the Volt to as sales and speculations on whether GM can survive the economic downturn.

GM hopes an early unveiling of the Volt will help the company break loose of its gas-guzzler image. The automaker is hoping that it will bring back faith in investors and consumers to show that it now more focused on fuel-efficient vehicles. Sources said that GM will complete a production version of the Volt by early August and will show it off in September in time to mark the Generals 100th anniversary.

Well it’s about time! GM first showed the electric Volt at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2007.

To create more buzz around the electricity of the Volt, GM will show off the car in the upcoming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen movie scheduled to be released in June of 2009. We’re guessing the Volt will most likely be an Autobot to go with the ‘saving the world image.’


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)