ABT announces performance packages for Audi A3 Convertible

While the Kempten designers still work on a design package for the new 2009 Audi A3 Cabriolet, ABT couldn’t wait to release the details on the performance packages that give the entry level Audi a little more sizzle.

For the 1.8 liter TFSI, the ABT Power package increases horsepower by 40 for a total of 200-hp while the ABT Power S package gives it another 40 horses for a total of 240-hp. For the 2.0L TFSI, which normally produces 200-hp, the ABT Power package ups ouput to 240; the ABT Power S package gives it a total of 270-hp and can also provide another 30 horses for 300-hp.

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ABT 2009 Audi A3 Convertible:



Press Release:

At the moment, the Kempten designers indeed are working on the perfect body parts for the convertible AS3 at full speed, but already now it becomes apparent that the compact vehicle will become a feast for the eyes. The performance data of the engine versions stand for open-air driving pleasure: with ABT Power the 2.0 TFSI offers sporty 240hp (177kW) instead of 200hp (147kW); with ABT Power S 270hp (199kW) are provided. With ABT Power the serial 160hp (118kW) of the 1.8 TFSI can be increased to 200hp (147kW), or to 240hp (177kW) with ABT Power S.

What the famous car tuner from the Allgäu understands of a real sun-worshipping convertible already show the ABT Eos and the ABT TT Roadster: for the Volkswagen convertible as well as for the open version of the successful model from Ingolstadt, the ABT team developed body styling parts which accentuate the character of each vehicle and which let them appear even more distinctive from every perspective: the low front spoiler, the side skirts and the rear skirt inset with the typical 4-pipe rear muffler emphasize the sporty ambitions of the fancy ABT Eos and give it a self-confident appearance. Even more so with the BR wheel which seems to have the urge to move forward, even when standing still. It goes without saying that this wheel also fits the TT Roadster like a glove because this breathtaking vehicle appears very dynamical even without the Allgäu body kit. The team from Kempten turns the open-roof TT into a real athlete which looks like a 100-meter sprinter ready to start: the front skirt, the lateral body parts, the rear skirt inset and the rear wing are forming a successful unit, in every respect. With this modifications, the sports car does not only cut a good figure on country roads and motor-ways but also on the boulevard.

Either closed or opened, a real ABT does not only look fast, it is in fact fast. This ensure the diverse ABT POWER packages for the Eos and the TT Roadster which actually satisfy performance hunger: with ABT POWER, the 2.0 TFSI engine is increased from serial 200hp (147kW) to 240hp (177kW). With ABT POWER S even 270hp (199kW) or remarkable 300hp (221kW) are provided.