Ferrari working on V6 turbo and more direct-injection models

While a Ferrari Dino will never see the light of day, the Italian automaker is reportedly considering a V6 turbo engine as a part of plans to meet future environmental requirements without jeopardizing performance.

But don’t expect a Ferrari V6 to happen anytime soon. According Autotelegraaf, Ferrari will decide on the V6 turbo within the next two years with development most suitable for 2013 or 2016. Ferrari first plans on introducing direct-injection across other models in its lineup. The new Ferrari California is the company”s first direct-injection engine.

Spokesman David Kluzer said: “We currently do not have a turbocharged engine. But if they reduce fuel consumption, why not? We always look for the best technical solution. The only thing we will never do is a sedan. That is not a sports car. Nor is an SUV.”

2009 Ferrari California:



Source: Autotelegraaf