Ferrari 360 Modena limo for sale on eBay

You may remember Dan and his Ferrari 360 Modena limo from March, when Ferrari had threatened him with legal action if he doesn’t turn in his prancing horse logos along with the ‘360 Modena’ badges. Well we guess they failed since Dan’s Ferrari 360 Modena limo has ended up on eBay Motors.

With a top speed of 166mph, this is probably the fastest limo in the world. The eBay page provides more details on the limo including electrically operated 110″ carbon fiber gullwing Doors, 8 Carbon Fibre race seats ,2 sets of Ferrari rims – one silver and one black.

We also get some more detailed images with a first look at the interior of the famous Ferrari limo. Dan is asking for a ‘Buy it Now’ price of $250,000.

Ferrari 360 Modena Limo:



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Source: eBay