Toyota recommends driving less to save money on gas

Logically, you would think Toyota and other automakers would use the high gas-prices to pitch their small and more fuel-efficient cars at consumers. However, Toyota is taking a different approach – an approach you would most likely hear from your grandpa rather than a car company.

“Drive less,” says Toyota over at its Toyota Open Road Blog. The writer than says “I know, you figure we”re out of our minds to suggest such a thing. But consider this. It doesn”t matter whether you”re driving a Corolla or a Tundra: When you don”t crank up your car for a trip, or when you consolidate several trips into one, that amounts to fuel you haven”t burned. And unburned fuel is unspent money.”

While that may be a good tip, it’s still shocking to hear it from an automaker. We guess Toyota not being able to meet the demand for hybrids and compact cars is forcing them to say such things.

And no we’re not making a big deal out of this; we just thought you’d like to know.


Source: Toyota (via AutoblogGreen)