MINI Crossman SAV could spawn a 5-door hatchback

At the Paris Motor Show in October, BMW will present concept versions of the BMW X1 along with the much anticipated MINI SAV, otherwise known as the MINI Crossman. So far, spy shots have shown a two-door MINI SAV testing outside Munich. While that may have had many of you thinking that the MINI Crossman may get the same layout as the MINI Clubman with a one rear-hinged door (kind of like the Honda Element), sources say the MINI SAV will have 5-doors.

According to ‘high-level sources’ if the 5-door MINI Crossman is a success when it hits markets in 2010, it could spawn a 5-door MINI hatchback by 2012 built on the same chassis. Think of a MINI Clubman with 5-doors.

The MINI Crossman is expected to get an entry level 1.4L engine with a 2.0L being a range-topper. BMW said it will be outsourcing production of the Crossman to Magna International with 80,000 units planned annually.


Source: AutoCar