GM does better than Toyota in June

After automakers reported their sales figures for the month of June, Honda may have been out on top but GM surprised us by staying ahead of Toyota. For the month of June, GM said its sales dropped 18.2 percent during a pretty horrible month for most large automakers. Toyota reported a 21.4 percent decrease in sales. Ford and Chrysler reported a decrease of 28 and 36 percent respectively.

GM, the nation’s largest automaker, said on Tuesday that it sold 262,329 vehicles for the month. GM’s car sales fell 21 percent while the incentive-boosted truck and SUV segment fell 16 percent.

Toyota said it sold 193,234 units in June; car sales fell 9.4 percent while trucks were of 39 percent.

Nonetheless, Toyota is still out ahead of GM in yearly figures. For the first half of 2008, GM sales fell 16.3 percent compared to the same period a year ago, while Toyota is down 6.8 percent.


Source: MSNBC