2009 Volkswagen Gol revealed for Brazil

The Brazilians are getting a new upgraded version of the Volkswagen Gol, and like every other Volkswagen made in Brazil it will run on a mixture of gasoline and ethanol without power loss thanks to the Total Flex technology.

The new Volkswagen Gol gets some styling cues from the new Tiguan with a new front and rear fascia. Power comes from a 1.0L that produces 72-hp when running on gasoline and 76-hp on ethanol. A 1.6L is also available and produces 101-hp on gasoline and 104-hp on ethanol.

Pricing starts at 28,890 Brazilian Real ($18,090 USD) for the 1.0L. The 1.6L comes in three different variants with pricing starting at 29,825 ($18,675 USD) and maxes out at 36,420 ($22,805).

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2009 Volkswagen Gol:




Press Release:

The Brazilian-made small car is perfect on the regional needs of customers in South America. Volkswagen Gol like all VWs manufactured in Brazil can run on any mix of gasoline and ethanol without power loss thanks to Total Flex technology.

State President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva came at the invitation of Viktor Klima, General Representative of Volkswagen Group for South America, and took the first place at the helm of the new Volkswagen Gol. Corporate Board Member Garcia Sanz said what would be the main characteristics and the importance of economical small car: “It is a fascinating car that is another chapter in the Volkswagen Gol history of success.”

Since 1953 VW is Europe’s largest automobile manufacturer in Brazil and with approximately 21,000 employees at five locations produces cars, buses and heavy trucks as well as engines and gearboxes. In the ’70s Volkswagen was the first automotive company that developed vehicles for the markets of South America. With 17 models, Volkswagen has the largest diversity among car manufacturers in Brazil and has a network of around 600 dealers.

Next to China, Brazil is the second largest foreign market for the Volkswagen Group. Last year, the company sold 581,300 vehicles here, 32 percent more than in 2006. VW do Brasil is not only one of the largest private company in Brazil, but also vehicle supplier for the entire South American region.