VW’s 238mpg 1-liter Car to see limited-edition production

It’s been almost 6 years since Volkswagen launched the 1-Liter Car Concept, a car capable of returning a fuel-economy of 238mpg. According to CAR, Volkswagen executives have approved a top-secret plan to build a limited edition of the concept in 2010.

Surprisingly, the 1-Liter Car Concept won’t change much. Design wise the car will still be pretty small with the passenger still sitting behind the driver. In order to ensure optimum structural rigidity, the canopy door concept will be carried over.

The concept was powered by a 299 cc diesel producing just 8.4-hp mated to a manual six-speed transmission that combines stick-shift mechanics. However the production version may see some more refinement with more horsepower and more torque. The 238mpg and a range of 404 miles may be compromised, but only by a little.

According to source, the Volkswagen 1-liter car will be very exclusive but to keep cost under control, officials are looking at €20,000 ($31,615 USD) to €30,000 ($47,422). The Volkswagen 1-Liter car will hit markets two years from now with plans to produce 1,000 units a year.

Volkswagen 1-Liter Car Concept:


Source: CAR