U.S. auto sales take a big hit, everything sucks besides Honda

Update: GM has reported a 18.5 percent decline in June sales.
Update: Honda has reported a 13.8 percent gain over June 2007.
Update: Hummer down 59.3 percent
Audi up 18.5 percent
Hyundai up 14 percent
Lexus down 21 percent
Mercedes-Benz up 12.4 percent
Mitsubishi down 35.2 percent
MINI up 41 percent
Nissan down 8 percent
Volkswagen up 13 percent

Coming as no surprise, June auto sales in the U.S. have taken a big hit. So far Toyota and Ford have come out with their reports showing that Americans can care less about pickups and SUVs due to high gas-prices

Toyota has reported a 21 percent drop in U.S. sales in June during the same period a year ago. The drop is the biggest year-over-year decline in the U.S. for Toyota in 10 years. However, Toyota did see a 15.6 percent increase in sales of its Corolla model. Surprisingly sales of the Camry and the subcompact Yaris declined slightly. The hybrid king, Toyota Prius, also saw sales drop but mainly due to tight supply.

FoMoCo reported a 28 percent decline in U.S. sales from June 2007 and saw a major decline in SUVs and pickup sales. Crossovers, which are seen as the more fuel-efficient replacements for gas-guzzling SUVs, also saw sales drop by 18 percent.

Other automakers will announce their reports in June. Edmunds is predicting a 25 percent drop for GM and a 31 percent drop for Chrysler.

Honda is the only major automaker expected to show a modest gain from a year ago.


Source: CNNMoney