Slow Down! Tiwi will tell your parents if you’re speeding

For parents who are concerned about their children’s safety, Drive Aware has come up with Tiwi, a black-box for your teen’s car. However, if you’re one of the crazy parents who likes to hunt down their kids and would like to know where they are every second of the day – well Tiwi can help you with that too.

On a more serious note, Drive Aware says that on average a teen is injured in car crash every 55 seconds, mostly due to speeding and reckless driving on their part. Not only does Tiwi alert teens when they are speeding or recklessly driving, it alerts parents of their driving behavior.

However, we’re not a big fan of the Tiwi’s web-based dashboard and other tattling features. The features allows parents to know where there kid is at all time. So if they decide to hop out of school early, you can watch them on the web in real-time. Kind of scary, but hey, we understand.

If that wasn’t scary enough for you teenagers reading this, your parents can setup a geographic region and if you so dare try to travel out of that region, you will be notified along with your parents (though various options such as text-message, a phone call or an email). It’s kind of like that electric-dog leash without the electric shock.

Tiwi starts at only $549 and $35 a month for parents who want complete control of their children’s life. And hey, don’t worry – we understand.

Watch the short video below for more info.



Source: Tiwi (via Gizmodo)