Prince Charles converts his Aston Martin to run on wine

Prince Charles is doing his part for the environment – royalty style. The prince recently converted his 38 year old classic Aston Martin DB6 (a gift from the queen on his 21st birthday) to run on 100 percent bioethanol fuel distilled from surplus British wine.

The Prince’s chief aide Sir Michael Peat said: “Charles only travelled two or three hundred miles a year in the Aston but he wanted it to be environmentally friendly. It just happened that our bioethanol supplier makes the fuel from surplus English wine.”

Why wine? A vineyard near Swindon, Wiltshire can only bottle a certain amount according to the EU quota. Rather than destroying the excess, they sell it to the Gloucestershire biofuel supplier Green Fuels, where it is distilled and made into fuel.

Even though¬†Charles’ Aston DB6 averages just 10 miles a gallon and required the equivalent of 4.5 bottles of wine every mine – he does give ‘drinking and driving’ a whole new meaning.


Source: ThisisLondon (via Jalopnik)