Alfa Romeo 8C successor could be based on Ferrari California

Alfa Romeo built only 500 units of the ultra-exclusive 8C Competizione coupe. Then it gave into to demand and decided to build 500 units of the 8C Spider, which are currently under construction and have yet to be delivered. Giving in some more Alfa Romeo is considering a successor to the beautiful 8C Competizione and if Alfa can workout a ‘difficult’ deal with Maranello, it could be based on the new Ferrari California.

Alfa Romeo bosses know that the successor to the 8C Competizione has to be something spectacular since the car influences other cars in its lineup. The original was Maserati engine and running gear based, but Alfa Romeo’s global marketing director said that an ideal replacement would be based on the new Ferrari California.

“It would be great if Ferrari let us do it,” Cravero said, “but they are very hard to convince.”

Alfa is also said to be considering an even more exclusive version of the 8C that will be lighter and more powerful that the current 450 horsepower model.

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione:



Alfa 8C Spider:

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Source: AutoCar