2010 Volkswagen Polo will get ‘Scirocco’ treatment

VW Polo

We’ve always had a special place in our hearts for the Volkswagen Polo and while the officials at V-dub are still considering selling the Polo in the U.S., nothing is certain. According to AutoExpress, the fifth-generation version of the Volkswagen Polo will get a front end that has been given ‘the Scirocco treatment.’ Since Volkswagen has no plans of selling the Scirocco in the U.S. anytime soon, this is our plea to please bring the fifth-generation Polo to our shores.

The fifth-generation Volkswagen Polo will get sleek coupe styling with a more refined and classier interior. Also, a new range of engines include ‘hi-tech, low-emission diesels and super-turbo petrol powerplants.’

We already know that the next-generation Polo will share the all-wheel-drive platform with the upcoming Audi A1. AutoExpress says that the engine range will include a 1.4 and 1.6L FSI direct-injection petrol units, plus some new TDI turbodiesels.

A 1.4L supercharged and turbocharged TSI engine will produce 138-hp while the GTI variant will produce 168-hp. And for you green fans, the new BlueMotion model promises a fuel-economy of 75mpg (that’s 62mpg in the U.S.) The 7-speed DSG dual-clutch box may appear as an option for the fifth-generation Polo.

What would be nice is to see the new TwinDrive Hybrid system in the Polo. What would be better is to see it in the U.S.