Ford talking to Renault to sell Volvo… again

We can just imagine Ford spokesmen getting calls with reporters on the other end going “Hey, we hear you guys are selling Volvo. Is it true?” After which the spokesman takes a heavy breath and goes “No damn it! We’ve told you all about a thousand times that we’re focused on improving the Volvo brand; not going to sell it!”

Well, those calls are probably making their way to Ford spokesmen today as Reuters reports that FoMoCo is once again talking to Renault SA to sell Volvo. Sources said that both companies had spoken on the matter in the past but due to price differences, talks were broken.

It was reported last week that FoMoCo is talking to Chinese company, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp., to take Volvo off its hands. Volvo announced last week that it will cut around 2,000 jobs across its operations in order to reduce cost.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)