Police to test fleet of Smart ForTwo electric cars

The Metropolitan Police will soon be fighting crime and chasing down speeders (we have no idea how since top speed of this Smart ForTwo is 60mph) as a part of a fleet test of the Smart ED – Electric Drive. 100 vehicles will be deployed in central London and Heathrow Airport for testing.

The Smart ED is powered solely by electricity. The car is capable of 70 miles between charges and a top speed of 60 mph. We don’t even want to know the 0-60 time on this so we’re glad it’s not available. Smart says that the Smart ForTwo ED can “achieve the equivalent of around 300 mpg.”

What happened to the good old days when European police used to chase down speeders and criminals in a Ferrari or a BMW M5? Honestly, how fast can you get somewhere with a top speed of 60-mph in the Smart ForTwo ED.


Source: InsideLine