Man burns his BMW to protest high gas-prices

While BMW is doing everything it can with its new EfficientDynamics program to increase the fuel-efficiency of their models, a German man threw gasoline on his BMW and torched it Friday on a lawn outside Frankfurt’s convention center.

An unemployed 30-year old drove his 1995 BMW 3-series to the location, got out and emptied a canister of gas and set fire to the whole vehicle. The man, who has not been charged with crime, told police he was protesting high gas-prices and couldn’t afford to drive the car.

Umm whatever happened to selling your car and buying a cheaper more fuel-efficient car? Either way the man can be charged with fines and up to 5 years in prison. Police say the man’s name will not be released since he was not charged with crime.

We think his name should be withheld from the public, because if BMW fans found out they would probably burn down his house.

Source: CNN