2010 Saturn Aura development put on hold

We’re huge fans of Opel (Saturn’s counterpart in Europe) and after seeing the new Opel Insignia, we are dying to see the next-generation Saturn Aura. And while nothing is more important these days to a brand than a mid-size sedan, sales of the Aura have been slow and word on the street is GM has put the 2010 Saturn Aura update on hold.

Why? According to GMInsideNews, the Fairfax, Kansas plant that’s supposed to build the next-generation Aura has received some notification of some changes. There is no specific explanation as to what the holdup is, but we’d be inclined to say GM is focusing on the fuel-economy of the car or is completely setting its focus on more fuel-efficient models rather than spending its money and time on a mid-sized sedan.

The next-generation Saturn Aura was scheduled to arrive in the fall of 2009 as a 2010 model. Of course, you can now expect some delays.

Opel Insignia:




Source: GMInsideNews