C-ya l8r: North Carolina to replace ‘WTF’ license plates for free

Honestly in this day an age of texting, instant messaging and e-mails everyone should know what “WTF” stands for. Apparently the Division of Motor Vehicles had no idea what “WTF” stood for when it unknowingly gave out 10,000 license plates with the letter combination.

Officials learned that the acronym stands for a vulgar phrase used commonly in text messages and instant messaging. The combination appeared on the agency’s web site on a sample personalized plate.

The ‘WTF-5505’ used on the web site’s sample plate was the first random combination of letters available when the DMV switched from blue-to-red plates.

The DMV is now offering the 10,000 owners of the WTF license plates to get them replaced for free. The only question is who will actually care enough to get it done.


Source: ABC News