Teaser: Pininfarina Hyperion based on Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe

Pininfarina announced today that it will reveal a new special project carrozzeria during Pebble Beach Concours called “Pininfarina Hyperion.” The Pininfarina Hyperion is based on the Rolls-Royce Drophead Phantom Coupe and according to the company, pays homage to pre war cars.

The car was commissioned by a private client who agreed to let Pininfarina display the car at Pebble Beach.

How we wish we had the money to ask Pininfarina to built us a special car for our pleasure and let them display it at major show. For those of you that are a little curious this morning Hyperion was the name of one of the titans in Greek mythology.

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2008 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Gallery:



Press Release:

Pininfarina will unveil a new Special Project carrozzeria during Pebble Beach Concours

Turin, June 25, 2008. Pininfarina is proud to announce the unveiling of a new Special Project carrozzeria during Pebble Beach Concours, August 2008.

The project, named “Pininfarina Hyperion”, is based on a Rolls Royce Drophead Coupè and is an homage to the great pre war cars. Its style, size and overall presence is truly unique in modern day car production, firmly rooted in the history and heritage of the two Brands at the core of the project.

We are particularly proud to communicate that the private client who has commissioned the car, has graciously agreed to display this latest Pininfarina creation at the prestigious American event.

Pininfarina Hyperion is one of the Pininfarina driven projects to be presented in 2008. In fact it follows the presentation of the technologically advanced and avante garde Sintesi concept car at the latest Geneva Motor Show and it makes its début shortly before the unveiling of the highly anticipated electric car concept, the Ferrari California and the Maserati Quattroporte MY “08 – all designed by Pininfarina – at the Mondial de l”Automobile in Paris.

Pininfarina with Hyperion once again demonstrates its creativity and ability to interpret the different requests of the motorcar industry.