Smart fits 13 people into a Smart ForTwo

To celebrate Smart’s 10th anniversary, Daimler decided to hold an event at Mercedes-Benz World for owners and visitors to see how many people you can fit into the Smart ForTwo. With 1,200 Smart ForTwo owners applying for the event, there was no shortage of potential participants. However Daimler decided to forego the fat owners and stuck with skinny people who were chosen due to their ‘gymnastic feats.’

Along with 12 other individual, Iona Luvsandorj, a semi-finalists in this year’s Britain’s Got Talent, twisted and bended their bodies to fit in the Smart ForTwo.

With their flexibility they proved that 13 people can somehow manage to climb into the small Smart ForTwo which measures just 2.7 meters long by 1.6 meters wide.

How many people can you fit in a Smart ForTwo:



Source: Automotoportal