Ford Ranger may stick around another 2 years

FoMoCo had originally planned to end production of the compact Ranger pickup this year but agreed to keep its St.Paul plant open for another year under a contract with UAW. However with gasoline prices being a huge blockade in the future of its full-size pickups analysts believe they can use the Ranger’s 21/26mpg (city/highway) as a strong selling point.

According to sources inside the company, FoMoCo is considering extending the life of the Ford Ranger for another two years. By 2011 a new global version will replace the model which will be a bit larger than the Ranger and smaller than the F-Series. That truck will be produced overseas.

Ford Ranger pickup sales have seen a slight gain this year with sales up 2.3 percent so far this year to 36,421.


Source: Detroit News