Video: Season 11, Episode 1 of Top Gear

Yes it’s here – Season 11, Episode 1 of the long awaited Top Gear. Giving us a highlight of Season 11 in clip one we see Clarkson race a bullitt train against a Nissan GT-R in Japan, Hammond test driving a Audi RS6 and tests of the new Mitsubishi EVO and the CLK 63 AMG Black Series. In Episode 1 we see the guys take a crack at talking about fuel-efficient by racing 5 supercars with 1 gallon of petrol each while a BMW M3 Sedan takes on Prius. We also get to see Clarkson’s take on the new Ferrari 430 Sucderia.

Note: Make sure you watch this Episode as soon as possible as it can be taken down form YouTube within the next couple of hours.

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