BMW X7 may still happen, depending on SUV market

About three years ago we were told that BMW X7 may hit the roads very soon competing with the Land Rover. Mercedes-Benz, preparing ahead of the competition, launched a GL-Class the same year. However plans to offer a super-luxury SUV were nixed and we haven’t head of the X7 since.

According to company insides, BMW may still build an X7 SUV. Sources say that the X7 is in developmental phase and that BMW is waiting to see in what direction the U.S. SUV market goes.

Honestly we think the X7 will never be, seeing as how the market is going as of right now. According to WorldCarFans, the BMW X7 will only become a reality until ‘alternative fuels like hydrogen and hybrid technology become mainstream.’

Until than BMW is sticking with the X1 and a MINI SUV.


Source: WorldCarFans