GM to produce 70,000 Chevy Volts in first 2 years

It was recently approved by the GM board (not like they had a choice after putting all that money into it), the design has been finalized and Bob Lutz has taken an ‘electrifying’ test drive in it. That’s right we’re talking about none other than the Chevrolet Volt.

All GM execs seem confused when it comes to commenting on the price of the Volt (some saying low to mid $30k and others saying close to $40k), howeverm, the company seems all but certain on the units of Volt they want to built every year.

According to Bob Lutz, GM is aiming for 10,000 units of the plug-in electric hybrid the first year, followed by a 60,000 for the following year. Lutz said “the actual number is highly dependent on electrical component supplier capability and battery experience.”

And if you weren’t confused enough this week reading other reports on the Volt hitting $40k, Lutz is here to confuse you again saying GM will offer the car for less than $40k.

Source: Free Press