Cops giving ‘fuel surcharges’ with your next ticket

It’s not like high-gas prices were already affecting our everyday lives, now every drivers favorite person in the world, the cops, will be handing out a ‘fuel surcharge’ on your next speeding ticket; well, at least in some Georgia cities.

A suburb town north of Atlanta will soon have to pay an extra $12 to cops who pull them over in order to cover the $4 dollar a gallon cost of gas. The City Council has passed the fee hike which will go into effect July 1st.

The town is hoping to offset fuel prices that have cost the town nearly 60% of the police departments 2008 fuel budget. The chief of police says that the fees will be dropped once gas prices fall below $3 a gallon.

Surprised? So are we. We wish we had someone to pass on the strain caused on our bank accounts because of high gas prices.


Source: USAToday