Chrysler CEO warns workers of worsening auto sales

In an e-mail sent out on Tuesday, Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli warned his team and workers of the worsening U.S. automotive sales and encouraged them to stay focused. Usually letters like that scare the heck out of employees and have them chatting over lunch, but the memo did not indicate any hints that Chrysler will cut production or lay off staff like GM or FoMoCo.

Since most of Chrysler’s lineup consists largely of SUVs and trucks the automaker is looking to add small cars to its lineup as fast as it can. Recently announced Dodge will get a production version of the compact Hornet crossover.

Nardelli confirmed that the Chrysler’s original plan is on course, however he said the company could take action of sales continue to dip further.

Chrysler has a large inventory of its 2009 Dodge pickup. The automaker will idle the Warren Truck assembly plant for five weeks, beginning Monday.


Source: Detroit News