Speedfactory offers 800-hp upgrade for Dodge Challenger SRT8

Speedfactory, a specialty vehicle company focused in high performance Chrysler vehicles, is offering performance package upgrades for the 2008 Dodge Challenger R/T and the SRT8. The packages include three normally aspirated upgrades and three supercharged upgrades.

Stage 1 of the normally aspirated upgrade increases output of the 6.1L HEMI SRT8 to 500-hp while Stage 2 cranks out a total of 530-hp. Stage 3, which requires a complete motor rebuild, offers an increase of 175-hp for a total of 600-hp.

Stage 1 of the supercharged upgrade offers a performance increase for the Dodge Challenger R/T’s 5.7L HEMI to 470-hp, an increase of 125-hp. Stage 2 and 3 offer an upgrade for the SRT8’s 6.1L HEMI to 630-hp and 800-hp respectively.

Check out Speedfactory’s site for more details.

Speedfactory Dodge Challegner R/T and SRT8:



Source: Chrysler Weblog