Segway sales rise as gas-prices increase

With gas-prices showing no signs of slowing down, more Americans are leaving their cars at home and jumping on Segways to save some money. Take 54-year old Scott Hervey for example. High-gas prices drove him to leave his car at home and purchase a Segway. Hervey, who bought his electric-scooter on June 7th, has already put 150 miles commuting to his job at Disneyland about 12 miles away.

Segway sales have risen to an all-time high according to CEO Jim Norrod. He said that the company expects sales to jump 50% this quarter from the same period a year ago. Segway saw a 25% increase in the first quarter of 2008.

Segway says that new customers include local governments and universities who have been holding back due to prices at the fuel pump. Syracuse University and the University of Kansas said they purchased Segways for their campus police this year due to increasing gas-prices.

The $5,000 Segway plugs into a standard electrical outlet providing up to 25 miles per charge.


Source: WSJ (via engadget)