Porsche Cayenne diesel coming in March 2009

Like it or not, according to Automobilwoche, Porsche will offer a diesel Cayenne by early 2009. According to sources familiar with Porsche’s plan, the Cayenne diesel will arrive by March 2009 and will carry an Audi V6 diesel engine producing more than 300-hp.

Porsche’s CEO Wendelin Wiedeking feels a diesel is necessary in the company’s lineup as the EU pushes for strict fuel-economy standards. Wiedeking says the diesel Cayenne can significantly help reduce the threat of penalties.

According to Peter Schmidt from the London Institute Automotive Industry Data, Porsche decided against Audi’s V8, V10 and V12 diesel units due to weight issues. A large heavy diesel engine would not only compromise the point of going diesel but would also disturb the driving characteristics of the Cayenne.


Source: Automobilwoche (via AutoBlog