How monstrous is HUMMER? Well, it weighs the same as 1 female elephant

As gas-prices keep increasing and consumers shift to more fuel-efficient vehicles, the future of HUMMER is a bit unclear. GM has put the brand under ‘strategic review’ and is considering selling it off. This just makes one wonder – how big and brutal is the HUMMER lineup?

Stating some very interesting facts, put together a little comical interactive feature showing us just how monstrous HUMMER really is.

According to’s findings, a HUMMER H2 weighs the same as one female Asian elephant or 28 Arnold Schwarzeneggers. It is as big as 3 1/2 Smart cars or 13 1/2 subzero refrigerators. Driving a HUMMER H2 from New York City to Southampton, New York requires the same energy as leaving a 100-watt bulb on for 3,294 hours or the same as driving a Prius to the Canadian border.

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