Mitsubishi to increase lightweight engine output

Mitsubishi is planning to increase output of fuel-efficient lightweight engine by 35 percent to 385,000 units a year by fall of next year. According to the Nikkei newspaper, Mitsubishi plans to spend a total of 9 billion yen ($84.2 million) at its engine plant in Shiga Prefecture.

Mitsubishi currently produces 1.8, 2.0 and 2.4 liter versions of its 4-cylinder engines, which were developed in partnership with Daimler and Hyundai.

The report said that Mitsubishi plans to fit the engines in the Lancer, Outlander and future models. Current Concepts that we recall that used 4-cylinder engines ranging from a 1.8 liter to a 2.2 liter were the Mitsubishi Concept-cX, Concept-ZT and the Concept-RA.

Mitsubishi Concept-cX:

Mitsubishi Concept-cX   Mitsubishi Concept-cX   Mitsubishi Concept-cX 

Mitsubishi Concept-cX Mitsubishi Concept-cX  

Mitsubishi Concept-RA Gallery:

Mitsubishi Concept-RA Mitsubishi Concept-RA Mitsubishi Concept-RA Mitsubishi Concept-RA Mitsubishi Concept-RA   Mitsubishi Concept-RA 


Mitsubishi Concept-ZT :

Mitsubishi Concept-ZT Mitsubishi Concept-ZT Mitsubishi Concept-ZT Mitsubishi Concept-ZT Mitsubishi Concept-ZT Mitsubishi Concept-ZT 


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