HUMMER dealers respond to GM’s comments

Speaking at GM’s annual meeting earlier this week, CEO Rick Wagoner said that the HUMMER is under “strategic review” and that GM may completely sell the brand to another automaker. With high gas-prices, a weak economy and now GM considering dropping the brand, HUMMER dealers are not happy.

“I’m not real happy with General Motors right now,” said Brad Johnson, general manager of HUMMER of Columbus in Dublin, Ohio. “It was a poor choice of words on their part and it’s a bad decision to come out and say something when you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Others are angry that the company would make such an announcement when HUMMER is ready to launch the H3T later this summer.

GM spokesman, Nick Richards, said the harsh announcement of the brand being under review along with the closing of four truck and SUV plants, was made to show how seriously it takes the U.S. market’s sudden shift away from trucks and sport utility vehicles.


Source: MSNBC