GE to team up with Chrysler on plug-in hybrid system

It”s always a good idea not to burn your bridges. Chrysler”s CEO Bob Nardelli, a former GE executive, may use his connections to catch up in the plug-in hybrid race. GE and Chrysler may work together in a deal where GE will supply components for plug-in hybrid vehicles.

GE wants to team up with Chrysler on a project to demo a technology GE calls dual-battery energy storage system.

We might see a Dodge Ram hybrid very soon. Why? In an interview with Automotive News, Vlatko Vlatkovic, a GE official, said that the company s working on a heavy-duty, off-highway hybrid truck.

Vlatkovic said that the automotive sector for GE “a new space that we are convinced will grow.” GE can offer expertise in batteries, drivetrains and power electronic controls, he added.

If former GE executive Bon Nardelli could get deep-pocketed GE on Chrysler”s side, it should give the struggling automaker a significant boost in the plug-in hybrid race.

Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)