Toyota to produce Camry hybrids in Australia by 2010

Toyota wants to sell 1 million or more hybrid vehicles a year after 2010. Getting a step closer, Toyota said yesterday that it will start producing Camry hybrids in Australia from early 2010 in which the Australian government will also provide funding.

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said that the government will provide Toyota 35 million Australian dollars ($33 USD) to fund for ecological cars, to cover costs such as those for expanding facilities and technological development.

“This is an important step forward for Australian motorists and fuel efficiency — an important step forward for the Australian motor vehicle industry,” Rudd told reporters.

Rudd said that this is a major step towards Australia’s environment. As of today, of the estimated million cars sold in the ‘outback’ each year, only 5,000 are hybrids.


Source: Detroit News